Solving the “College Conundrum”

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Scholar Andrew Kelly calls it “the college conundrum.” College, he says, is “simultaneously more expensive, less valuable, and more important than ever before.” But why is this the case? And, more importantly, what can we do to fix the problem? Here are some reasons our higher education system is currently at a point of critical ineffectiveness as well as some ideas on how to resolve the problems at hand. … More Solving the “College Conundrum”

Wall Street’s Fearless Girl and Her Contentious Neighbors

Opinions on the Fearless Girl, commissioned in consideration of International Women’s Day 2017, have been aggressively divided. Many applaud the Wall Street newcomer as a symbol of needed gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated markets. We’ll call these enlightened egalitarians Camp I. (Pause for enthusiastic, if largely feminine, applause.) … More Wall Street’s Fearless Girl and Her Contentious Neighbors