Brief Thoughts on Millennial Culture

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in my social media feeds about how people need to take it easy on millennials for being broke, underemployed, parentally dependent, etc. After all, they’re out there chasing their dreams and that’s hard and it’s admirable.

I get the point here, but in my opinion millennials have a really misguided sense of dream fulfillment entitlement. There’s no tax deduction for “busy finding myself” and “off chasing my dreams” isn’t a free pass to live outside your means or on someone else’s dime. You are not owed your best life.

Should the cost of education be more reasonable? Hell yes. Is rent in most major cities absurd? Yup. Partial solution: don’t move somewhere you know you can’t afford to live. Don’t bankrupt yourself pursuing a field with a known deficit in employment opportunities. Make use of income driven loan repayment programs. Budget to live on 20% less than you make instead of 2% more. Live near a bus stop if you can’t afford a car. Work your ass off for that raise, promotion, better benefits package…

In a nutshell, don’t ever let your dream of pitching a perfect game convince you you’re not responsible for covering your bases.


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